Sparxo Check-in, a Free Guest List App for Events

Change isn’t popular when it comes to running event operations.  Entry management and managing a guest list are one of the main factors for a successful event. We are proud to announce a new check-in app and we offer it for free. That means you can use our whole system for FREE to manage your guest list regardless of how that list is created. This app also makes a great companion for those who are selling tickets with our system.

Easily import a guest list into the Sparxo system along with custom fields, payment methods, and contact information so you can keep track of the guests that are coming to your event. Please note that this app is most optimal when using our registration system to have your attendees directly register through our platform. We then allow you to import sales lists of guests gathered from other systems or in other ways into Sparxo to combine your lists for check-in. However, you can choose to bypass this and simply import a list of guests from the back-end. Simply note that there are some limitations to this and the user experience is first created for registrations directly through Sparxo. You may want to opt to turn OFF the automated emails we send.

For more information about this app, read the description below and find the Sparxo Check-in App in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This is a change you want to look into.


Sparxo Check-in App

App Store Description

Do you have a guest list that you need to manage for an event? Sparxo Check-in has the performance you need for fast, accurate guest list checking no matter how big your guest list is. This is the best system for entry management. It even works with unstable or no wifi.

Auto Offline Data Sync:

We understand that not every venue has perfect wifi. We designed our app to work in any environment. Simply sign in to your account where there’s wifi, and our app will take care of the rest of it. When there’s unstable wifi, our app will temporally save all the data in an offline mode, and resync your data once it detects wifi. Everything just intelligently works out and you don’t need to touch a thing!

Easy to add guests to the system (FREE)

  • Import guest lists of unlimited size for free
  • Import lists by copying and pasting from Excel, Google Sheets, or any .csv
  • Live data sync of imported guests
  • Send QR codes to guests for a more secure check-in
  • Use multiple lists per event (general admission, VIP, Staff)

Secure and fast check-in (FREE)

  • Scan QR codes on paper and smartphones
  • Built-in Camera QR and bar code scanner
  • Search for guests using first name, last name, email, and ticket code
  • Send a simple reminder to guests imported into Sparxo
  • Offline mode supported for low connectivity areas
  • Use multiple devices for multiple check-in locations
  • Live syncing between check-in devices

Insightful analytics (FREE)

  • View chronological check-in history
  • View check-in statistics

Sparxo is FREE for FREE events:

Are you an event professional looking for ways to best sell your tickets and promote your brand? Sparxo is the platform for you. Here are some premium features:













Sparxo Mexico Event Ticketing Support

Today, we are excited to add MXN to our officially supported currencies (alongside USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR, and SGD). With this feature, Sparxo launches Sparxo Mexico event ticketing support. Event producers in Mexico can better sell tickets online and on their site. In addition to processing ticket sales in MXN, Spanish speakers can use our system natively with the addition of a Mexico Spanish language pack.

Over the last few months, we have been working closely with the Stripe Mexico beta team. We thank Jennifer He, an account manager at Stripe, for working with us as early adopters to Stripe’s Mexico Beta. Mexico Stripe beta team has been working hard to improve Radar to best detect and block fraud charges in Mexico.

Our move into Mexico was spearheaded by a contract with Foro Sur, a stadium and concert venue holding events with a crowd sizes of more than 5,000 ticket holders.

Foro Sur Venue Picture

The latest release includes some specific updates:

Payment and Pricing: 

Standard pricing in Mexico for ticket sales is 10% of the ticket price. This price includes the Sparxo fee and credit card fee. Mexico also has a required IVA (value added tax). Sparxo is compliant to IVA rules by providing a separate tax field in the ticket creation flow.

Payment is handled in MXN and can be deposited straight into any bank account in Mexico. The same 2-5 day processes time applies offering liquidity to event producers as they sell their tickets.


Part of the core architecture in Sparxo allows for language packs for both our back end and front in workflows. This allows us to move quickly into countries. We even joke internally that we could have other fun language packs added to the system because of how easy it is to add language packs. ( e.g. Snoop-doggy-fied language pack).


Sparxo Mexico Event Ticketing Support: Sparxo Language Screenshot


Physical Tickets:

A big part of this project was the adoption of physical tickets into our system. Sparxo has the capability to print out secure physical tickets that can be scanned with our check-in app. This allows tickets to be sold in box offices. This traditional way of selling tickets is still a primary use case in Mexico.

Ticket Scanning and Check-in

For this project, we also upgrade our Andriod and iOS Sparxo Check-in app. This app can now scan bar codes along with QR codes. In addition, we improved performance and battery life to compensate for low connectivity areas. This was also an opportunity to improve the User Experience as we were building the app from the ground up.

Guy Douglas – The Gong Guy and Founder of So...


I had a spiritual experience at the early age of 20 that opened me up to a deep sense of empathy for the human spirit which led me to a path of being of service to others. On my path I met Alex Grey an amazing world renown artist in New York City who led Full Moon Gatherings. It was there where I first encountered these healing instruments. After attending the event where I encountered these instruments I went home that night and while laying in silence I could here a residual sound of the bowls as if something was calling me to these instruments.

That was the beginning of the journey through the arts of sound baths, healing, and meditation.

It’s an experience that has the sounds of the heavens and the sounds we experience within the womb, we’ve been conditioned to think that heaven is somewhere else but it’s not too far out to think that “it was like I was in heaven” actually means that you are experiencing just that, heaven… Having the ability to experience something out of this world in this world is something that is more attainable then we think.

For many, it’s a reset button for the week. It allows people to quiet their mind, open their heart, and listen to that inner voice.

Guy Douglas – The Gong Guy and Founder of Sound Meditation SF along with Simona Marie Asinovski

Michel Neray – Founder of MoMondays Shares h...


I’ve been speaking professionally for almost as long as I’ve been working professionally. Back in the early 1990’s, I was giving presentations to educate the business world about ‘The World Wide Web’. (Yes, I’m that old.) Then in 1995, I launched a dotcom — the world’s first online searchable directory of creative professionals — and I toured art and design colleges North America to show students and alums how to make friends with the Internet.

I kept getting invited back, so I guess I was doing something right, but it wasn’t until I spoke at a conference for immigrants that my perception of the power of public speaking changed.


Near the end of my talk, after realizing my “personal branding” presentation wouldn’t resonate with this audience (as immigrants probably don’t face the kind of personal branding challenges I talk about in my presentation) I had to think of what was I going to tell them that could be useful?

So I told them how my father grew up as a Jew in Iran and how he joined the French foreign legion in Egypt to escape the anti-Semitism and discrimination. I told them how my mother in France was captured by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz for a year had to walk the 3-day death march in the mountains of Poland, how they both met in an elevator in Paris, (that this is when I realized the importance of a good elevator pitch). How they decided to come to Canada, to give their children the life and opportunity that they never had – and never would have – in their own countries.

If I was trying to maintain any sense of professionalism, I had clearly lost it by this point. I got emotional. Everyone seemed to be getting emotional.

When I was done, a solidly built African woman came over to me. Her face was wet with tears. In broken English I could hear her mutter: ‘thank you, I hope in 30 years my children will say the same thing about me.’

I came home, still filled with emotion, knowing that somehow I had made a real difference in people’s lives. Now when I think about to that day, I realize that was the day I became a ‘motivational’ speaker.

From the beginning of time, stories are how we have passed on our values, made sense of the world and effected change. Today, it’s how we influence our customers, our teams and our audiences. It’s how we sell, inspire, motivate, create change and give hope to sometimes desperate people.

It was also that day that the seeds of momondays were planted.

I believe that more than ever, we just need to put away the business cards and connect authentically, one human being to another. When we do that — when we are just ourselves and share our personal stories of challenge and growth — we have the power to transform lives, starting with our own.

It doesn’t have to feel like a twelve-step program. Nobody has to cry. It doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars and several weekends. No gurus have to be flown in from far-away places.

It seems that momondays has become the modern day campfire, a place where people can gather around, tell stories, have a good time, and open up to a community of people who can identify with them. I view these shows as a place where people can connect and let go, enjoy each others company, understanding that each of us has a history, and whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, we can laugh about it and learn from it.

It’s all encompassed in a beautiful story called life.

Michel Neray – Founder of MoMondays

Lex Jensen shares her start as a Promoter and her ...


“I started promoting with Live Nation in 2009, Strange Music and their Psychology Tour was the first concert I remember promoting, I remember just wanting to get in for free. Back in the day it was cool to be a promoter; you were part of that IN crowd had all the inside scoop of what was happening in the party scene (before the internet and shit).”

“A year or so later I moved to Wyoming, and I started throwing my own events. There were 4 rappers in town and, 1 of whom is now my husband, and since no one wanted to book out hip hop shows in Casper I figured that doing it myself was the only way to make this shit happen. They (the city of Casper) were so reluctant to have these shows. I guess media just portrays rap/hip-hop as this womanizing/vulgar/alcohol abusive kind of thing so them thinking that it would happen to their lil town in Wyoming probably played a role in that “hostility”.”

“I’ve always viewed [hip hop] as a form of poetry, lyricism is a form of art that many genres can’t really integrate into their music. I mean I will always have a huge appreciation for Beethoven and Mozart but hip hop just has a lot more tangible substance that people can relate to vs. the abstract interpretation that comes with other music like classical and jazz. I started listening to hip hop because of my mom. She loved Eminem and SPM. My father listened to The Grateful Dead and Neil Young, and even though my parents got divorced when I was 3, to this day I can see the influence they had on my musical taste, and I thank them as they gave my something I will have for the rest of my life: the ability to appreciate the beauty in all type of music.”

Lex Jensen — Bookings for The Roxy Theatre & Manager at RhymeSick estimated. 2009

Sound Meditation SF Founder Simona Marie Asinovski...


“I met Guy (my business partner/brother) on the beach (serendipitously) as I was teaching Yoga in LA, I was so young then — You really know the relationship is amazing when even through all the adversity you can still be creative have fun and be yourself (tried it out not as successfully in LA then moved to the Bay Area and it’s hugely different), and even through all of that still having a huge profound effect on one another.”

“This event is done with so much love…and honestly we (Guy and I) had no idea that this would happen, we’ve always dreamed of something like this but never at this scale. I am damn grateful, still in shock, and will probably always be in amazement and wonder.”

Simona Marie Asinovski –
Organizer of hearts and minds at Sound Meditation SF est. 2015

Welcome to our journey

Sparxo has been a 4 year project started by a few event producers that also have a passion for technology. Together, we have experience in cloud infrastructures, payment, user experience, and building strong partnerships. Our event background gives us real world experience to build the technology that event producers need. As we grow our community, we ask you to join us on our journey to take technology and blend it to one seamless experience. We are not just a ticketing company. We are a technology company building solutions for event producers. Connect with us today at [email protected] to join us on our journey.