Sound Meditation SF Founder Simona Marie Asinovski...


“I met Guy (my business partner/brother) on the beach (serendipitously) as I was teaching Yoga in LA, I was so young then — You really know the relationship is amazing when even through all the adversity you can still be creative have fun and be yourself (tried it out not as successfully in LA then moved to the Bay Area and it’s hugely different), and even through all of that still having a huge profound effect on one another.”

“This event is done with so much love…and honestly we (Guy and I) had no idea that this would happen, we’ve always dreamed of something like this but never at this scale. I am damn grateful, still in shock, and will probably always be in amazement and wonder.”

Simona Marie Asinovski –
Organizer of hearts and minds at Sound Meditation SF est. 2015

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